The goal of CBD Seeds is to provide classic varieties of cannabis seeds in the original form. This has been the goal since the company was first conceived.

Their products are made with the collector in mind. All of the seeds sold at CBD seeds are intended to be collected. The people at CBD Seeds have met with breeding professionals all over the world and they collected the feminized seeds from high quality, cross breeding strains of cannabis. CBD Seeds has since begun a new project. They have added many technical personnel, web masters, and graphic designers to their staff. The new goal for the people at CBD seeds is to become a standard for great product quality, design and service. CBD Seeds currently has three lines if products that they’re offering. Their classic line brags of the best genetics on the market. These are the seeds that have been famous for many years. These seeds boast a great flavor and an excellent aroma. The next collection is the auto flowering line. It was created to satisfy the increasing demand for auto flowering products. To create this line, the breeders at CBD seeds crossed the best mother plants with the best Ruderalis. These plants come with great potency, taste, and aroma. Their third line is the Medical line, which is designed to treat people suffering from various illnesses. For this collection, the breeders specifically bred plants that were high in CBD which both balances the effects of THC and helps treat various illnesses.

CBD Seeds is a company with a great goal and a great product.