The CBD Crew combines both Mr. Nice and Resin Seeds, two seed banks. Their goal is to produce stable cannabis seeds that are rich in both THC and CBD for both medical marijuana patients and recreational users. These guys first announced their project at a Spannabis Cannabis fair in Barcelona.

The people in the CBD Crew are passionate about bringing the CBD molecule to all consumers of marijuana because of its anti-inflammatory properties and its ability to reduce the psychoses associated with using THC such as paranoia and anxiety. The partnership was forged when both companies saw the benefits of high CBD strains and realized the common goal out of taking the guess work out of breeding.

Since their first strain, Cannatonic, the CBD crew has been contracting with a lab to breed plants that have a high CBD content 100% of the time. The CBD Crew worked with many different growers in various climates in order to see if they reached their goal of producing a consistently CBD rich strain of cannabis. They were ultimately successful in their venture with 9 strains currently in their lineup. Next they have to educate the public on the benefits of CBD, because they feel most people are unaware of all of the benefits CBD has to offer. Now that CBD has become more prominent, with more companies promoting their CBD rich strains, and even awards for CBD strains, the CBD Crew wants to provide the people with evidence and scientific data about their products.

These guys just want to help people that are suffering from various illnesses that require medical marijuana treatment, and they have completed their mission to bring CBD to the people.