In December of 1975, Henk de Vries established the world’s first cannabis coffee shop in Amsterdam, Netherlands. Mr. de Vries created a brand for his business that centered around his pet bulldog, Joris. Now, the company has expanded into a conglomerate consisting of 5 cannabis coffee shops, multiple bars and cafes, 2 hotels, smoking accessories, a line of merchandise, an energy drink brand, and most recently of all, a seed company. This seed company offers some of the best genetics in the world.

The Bulldog Company has grown to one of the most successful as well as one of the most widely recognized cannabis companies worldwide. The company is inspired by its success, and hopes to one day reach new heights. Now 40 years after establishing the world’s first cannabis coffee shop, The Bulldog Company has decided to join forces with some of the world’s best cannabis breeders. This union is what comprises the Bulldog Seed Company. The company currently is offering a lineup of 10 of the world’s best feminized cannabis strains.

The company also boasts that they are offering superior genetics for affordable prices. For over 10 years, this company has been collecting high quality genetics as well as investing in research and development in order to ensure that they are only offering their customers the finest strains available. Overall, the Bulldog brand has been a proprietor of the cannabis industry. It has rose through the ranks to become one of the world’s most successful and most recognized cannabis companies, which was only possible through dedication to quality and a passion for cannabis.