Buddha Seeds is a seed bank that is based in Spain. They are currently working on stabilizing and improving the genetics of cannabis seeds. However, they mainly focus their efforts on auto flowering seeds. Their goal is to produce the highest quality auto flowering plant possible.

Buddha Seeds has rapidly become a world benchmark by caring for creating quality seeds, and not sacrificing the quality to produce a higher quantity of sells. It is this philosophy that makes them very popular in the cannabis industry. The breeders at Buddha Seeds put much effort into working and reworking each strain until it meets rigorous quality standards, and all the while making sure that the grower gets the best result possible.

Buddha Seeds seeks out genetics that enable them to achieve the best phenotypic expressions. Some of the strains produced by Buddha Seeds have won awards. Their auto flowering plants, Deimos and Magnum, have won first and third place at the Pacific Neurocopa. At the Valencia Growmed fair, their strain Deimos won an award for ‘Best Strain Against Pain’. This shows that the medical seeds that this company sells are good for people with medical conditions that require cannabis treatments. In 2012, Deimos also won best medicinal strain at the Growmed Valencia fair. At that same event, Deimos also won feminized strain of the year. Overall, the awards only confirm that Buddha Seeds has made a name for itself in selling high quality cannabis. They have become a leader in the cannabis industry due to their dedication to the philosophy of quality over quantity.