The British Columbia Seed Company is a breeding company based in British Columbia, Canada. The British Columbia Seed Company offers a wide variety of high quality cannabis seeds. Aside from regular cannabis seeds, they have feminized seeds, medical grade seeds, genetically modified seeds and more.

The British Columbia Seed Company also specializes in high altitude seeds, or seeds that can be grown far above sea level. All of the seeds bred by this company are bred in various areas in Vancouver Island, British Columbia. Many believe that British Columbia is the best place on Earth for stabilizing and producing marijuana seeds. This is because the climate is great for acclimating the seeds, so that they can grow indoor and outdoor anywhere in the world, problem free.

The growers at BC seeds work tirelessly so that they can provide customers with the best strains of pure and hybrid cannabis. They grow seeds under conditions that are carefully controlled in order to preserve both the integrity of the genetics and the viability of the seeds. The British Columbia Seed Company boasts of their breeding methods using only true male and female plants. The seeds are also tested for good germination. All in all, this company is known for producing fine seeds. They have made a name for themselves both inside and outside of British Columbia, with their wide varieties and their high quality products as their main claim to fame.