Bomb Seeds is a company based in the Netherlands that breeds cannabis seeds. They have developed a new line of seeds that was bred by taking carefully selected classic strains and crossing them with their own genetics. The result is a line of high quality seeds that has high yield, high THC content, and great potential for growth.

The Bomb Seeds lineup has something for everyone. They have sativas, indicas, auto flowering varieties, and medical strains. They even have something for the recreational user. Bomb Seeds ensures that they sell their customers fresh seeds. All of their seeds are stored in a temperature and humidity controlled environment. All of the seeds sold by this company are grown organically in the Netherlands in a controlled environment. Furthermore, all of the batches produced undergo rigorous quality control tests with high standards. The seeds are all selected by hand to ensure that they have reached maturity and are good enough to sell to their customers.

They also sell all of their products in original Bomb Seeds packaging, and do not repack seeds from other seed banks. Bomb Seeds also tests each batch to make sure that they grow before they send them to the consumer. Each batch must have a 95% germination rate in order for a batch to be sold. All in all, Bomb Seeds have great genetics, and a passion for serving their customers, all of which contribute to their stunning reputation.