Blim Burn Seeds is a company that breeds cannabis seeds that is owned and operated in Barcelona, Spain. They have devoted years to studying the cultivation and breeding of marijuana, which has resulted in their unique brand.

This company is heralded as having one of the best culture teams in Spain. They also work in conjunction with SL Green Guide, which specializes in helping to set up gardens. Blim Burn Seeds has four main goals, which are to create good taste, high yield, great psychoactive effect and achieve the utmost stability in their strains. Blim Burn Seeds also strives to change the production and distribution of cannabis seeds worldwide. This company has a firm belief in producing quality seeds, rather than a high quantity of seeds. This philosophy allows them to provide the customer with high quality genetics.

Blim Burn Seeds prides themselves on the freshness of their seeds as well. The seeds are packaged every two months to make sure that they are as fresh as possible. Blim Burn Seeds sells seeds that they have bred themselves. They sell all different types of seeds as well. This company has sativa and indica strains, as well as auto flowering and feminized seeds. Currently, the company is offering a lineup of 35 different strains. Blim Burn Seeds boasts that their products are more productive than and will outperform a cutting, both in taste and potency. All in all, Blim Burn Seeds has built an impressive reputation in the Spanish cannabis industry. This company has become well known due to their impeccable record and their passion for providing their customers with high quality genetics.