Big Head Seeds is a seedbank that has been in business for over 20 years. Their mission to travel the globe in search of the best genetics originally kicked off in 1990. During that trek around the globe, they met with many individuals who had vast knowledge of the different cannabis plants and their specific properties.

Over those twenty years, Big Head Seeds has also been breeding what some people consider to be some of the finest strains on the market today. The plants that they sell today have come from years of exploration and research into the science of breeding cannabis.

In 2002, Big Head Seeds really began to take shape when they brought two great breeders together. One breeder was from California, and the other was a Dutchman from the Burning Man. These people are still working together today, over ten years later. This company specializes in recreating and re-working classic marijuana plants.

Most of the seeds sold by this company are of the feminized variety, which are great for both breeding and consumption. They also offer three varieties of auto flowering seeds, which produces high quality and high yields. This company also produces hybrid seeds that are a mixture of indica, sativa, and ruderalis types.

All in all, anyone can find something that they like with Big Head Seeds. Whether one is collector or a medicinal user, Big Head Seeds has something for everybody.