Big Buddha Seeds is well known for producing spin-offs of the original strain The Cheese. The company’s foremost strain is the Big Buddha Cheese, which was created to preserve the taste of the original strain. The taste of the strain is reminiscent of the weed that people enjoyed back in the 1980s. One of the most marketable features of this strain is that the high never fades with time. It remains a consistent quality each use.

The owner of this fine establishment calls himself Big Buddha, which is where the name originated. He started to smoke cannabis at around age 14, and he grew his first plant outside in his garden at age 15. It wasn’t until he reached the age of 18 that he started growing indoors. It was also at this age that he devoted his life to the cannabis scene. He began to smoke very high quality marijuana and even considered himself a “connoisseur” of sorts. After he became a connoisseur, he began to spend his time trying to grow the best marijuana that he could. This cannabis was also fit for connoisseurs.

Once Big Buddha was an established grower, he began reading cannabis magazines such as High Times and Weed World. He would then take pictures of his crops and send them to the editor at Weed World. It was at this time that people began to realize his potential, and he began to write articles for Weed World. After a few years of experience, Big Buddha finally discovered The Cheese. He felt like he had struck gold, or green as the case may be. It was then that he decided that he wanted to sell this strain for everyone to enjoy.