Barney’s Farm first came about in the 1980s, and is based in Amsterdam. This means that they provide authentic Dutch genetics, which has become the world benchmark for quality.

Since the spawn of this company, their team of experienced breeders has been traveling the globe collecting landrace genetics. They specialize in feminized, regular, and auto flowering seeds. They also produce strains for medicinal purposes as well as feminized medicinal strains.

This company produces hybrid strains that are both sativa dominant and indica dominant.Their work in collecting these plants has enabled the scientists in the Barney’s Farm Research Lab to create rare, high quality strains.

Because of the stability and high quality of their products, Barney’s Farm has won numerous awards in international award shows. As a result, Barney’s Farm is now considered a world leader in the creation of high quality cannabis seeds. Barney’s Farm to this day is continuing the search for rare strains and is constantly working to produce new plants. In 2014, their strain, Cookies Kush, won. the Cannabis Cup. Their strain, Pineapple Chunk, took home the Indica Cup in 2009. Their High Times Cannabis Cup winner in 2011 was Liberty Haze. These awards are just some of the many that Barney’s Farm has won over the company’s 30 year history. This company has been wildly successful in creating the best strains around, as evidenced by their numerous awards. This place is devoted to quality and perfection, as they fully test all of their seeds. With this company, you can’t go wrong.