Autoseeds is a specialist cannabis breeding company based in Spain. They are well known for breeding high quality auto flowering seeds, and all of the strains they sell are feminized.

The products at Auto Seeds are easy for budding home growers. They keep both the consumer and the commercial grower in mind when they create their products, which can be ready in as little as 55 days from planting to harvest. Their products are great when space is tight or when speed and stealth are a must have. The seeds will always flower as they are completely independent of the light cycle. This means they can be harvested several times in one outdoor season, and can be grown with great control inside.

This company has spent 4 years researching the highest quality feminized auto flowering seeds. Their collections have a wide variety of tastes and traits, and were created by combining classic and award winning strains. Typically, auto flowering seeds lack in strength, taste and yield. However, this is not the case with Autoseeds. The breeders have bred all of the products to achieve high quality, massive yields and extraordinary flavor.

The breeders at Autoseeds have used many types of Ruderalis strains in their experiments in addition to the well-established classic strains. All in all, this company is great for seeds that are quick from planting to harvest and are easy to grow. They have become a benchmark in terms of innovation and quality.