Apothecary Genetics first started in Gig Harbor, Washington in the early part of the 1990s. Since 1999 it has been one of the leading seed breeder companies. Today known as the “King of Kush,” the founder, Bret Bogue started Apothecary Genetics after he got sick and was looking for an alternative medicine. Since then, he has become an expert in growing marijuana as well as breeding, even winning the Cannabis Cup. He has been featured in various movies, and has had articles about him published in the High Times magazine.

Bret Bogue also opened up his own medical cannabis university. He has a passion for his work in the field of marijuana, always striving to create better genetics, more potent strains, and even lobbying for legalization.

Bogue opened up Apothecary Genetics in northern California back in 2004. There, the people working for Apothecary Genetics successfully bred a cross between “land race strains” and hybrid strains. The combination created world class medical cannabis. In 2009, Apothecary Genetics moved again, and this time ended up in southern California. The company has won many awards for their strains. They have won first prize at the Seattle Green Cup numerous times and first place at Lake County for their Grape Ape strain, and first place at the Cannabis Cup for their Kaia Kush strain. It seems as if Bret’s goal of finding an alternative medicine for his illness has been accomplished, since his strain, Kaia Kush, is currently one of the top ten strains under investigation for its medical potential. From humble beginnings to what it is today, Apothecary Genetics is truly a success story within the cannabis industry.

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