Persistant Insomnia and Cannabis

Insomnia is a sleeping disorder that presents its self as trouble sleeping or having difficulty staying asleep. Insomnia can cause fatigue on waking up and may inhibit one’s ability to function properly through the day. Insomnia has adverse effects on the body, it can drain your energy, spoil your mood, and it can also cause deterioration in health. Insomnia can either be secondary, meaning that it is caused by other factors or primary meaning that it is an independent issue, and it is not associated with any other health problem.

Persistent Insomnia also known as chronic Insomnia is a sleeping disorder where the person has problems sleeping over a period of several nights in a row. Sleep is essential for the body and hence lack of sleep is very harmful. Marijuana and medical marijuana are known to cause sleepiness, and this is a reason it is safe for use in addressing insomnia. People who suffer from insomnia turn to synthetic pills to help them sleep. Synthetic pills have been known to exhibit very severe side effects that may end up causing more problems than they solve.

Marijuana and sleep. Marijuana has side effects too, but they are not harmful unlike those of the synthetic pills. Marijuana is a natural herb that also has medicinal values in it, mostly the medical marijuana which has been modified to magnify the therapeutic effects. With the right active components and the proper dosage of marijuana, an individual suffering from insomnia can fall to sleep. Researchers have said that medical marijuana can reduce nightmares and increase the quality of sleep by relaxing the user (Marijuana and sleep).Stress and depression have been identified as some of the main causes of insomnia and cannabis is a stimulant that produces hormones that help in reducing stress.

Unlike lots of sleeping medications gotten from the pharmacy, marijuana or rather medical marijuana can help very much in insomnia treatments. An advantage of marijuana is that it does not cause immediate sleep. Marijuana, unlike the pharmaceutical drugs, does not force the user to sleep. The person can go to his or her routine duties as usual without the fear of falling into slumber without completing his or her work or before he is ready. The long-term use of pharmaceutical pills can use dependency (Negative effect), unlike marijuana that has no proven research to causing addiction. Those who depend on sleeping aids like pills are also insomniacs in that they have a problem sleeping without the pills. Marijuana can serve a real purpose in helping those who are dependent on pharmaceutical pills and those who find it hard to sleep.

Medical marijuana is gaining fame all over the world as a natural herb with medicinal values. It is a safer alternative to treatment by pharmaceutical medicines that contain toxic chemicals that may even lead to death. A lot of patients that are questioned prefer medical marijuana to the other pharmaceutical pills that they have used. They claim that it works better, leaves them feeling better the following day, and it is not a habit forming drug so it has more benefits. An overdose of the other conventional drugs can cause death hence the advantage of cannabis over the synthetic drugs. It is benefiting because marijuana has never caused death due to an overdose. This is because it is almost impossible to overdose on cannabis since you will fall asleep way before you reach the level of overdose.

It is very crucial that you put into consideration the strain that you use when using medical marijuana. Some strains are energizing like the Sativa strain, and this would be inappropriate since you are trying to sleep and relax. Other strains of the indicia strain are known to be of good sedative quality. There is scientific evidence on this since a study was carried out and it was found that the cannabinoids do have a positive effect on the body like relaxing the body. With this results, it is appropriate to say that medical marijuana is a good solution to insomnia.


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